Best Garage Door Opener Reviews 2018

Best Garage Door Opener: Opening and closing the doors of the house can be really tedious, however, thanks to new technologies, specialized engines have been developed that make this task a simple task. Now there are many types of engines and systems that open and close the doors of their garages in many ways, some with more advantages and security than others, however, the majority fulfills its main objective; open and close the garage door.

On the internet and in local stores you can find several different models of garage door openers, but we do not always have the necessary knowledge to choose the right one. Next, we’ll leave you 5 of the best garage door openers you can find on Amazon and make sure you make a good choice when installing or replacing a garage opener.

Best Garage Door Opener 2018 – Comparison Table

Chamberlain MyQ Smart Genie PowerLift Sommer Direct Drive
Chamberlain MyQ Smart Garage Door Opener MYQ-G0301 Genie PowerLift Garage Door Opener Sommer Direct Drive Opener
8 ounces 40 pounds 39.9 pounds
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1.5 x 4.5 x 4.5 in 40 x 12 x 9.5 inches 42.6 x 10.2 x 7 inches

Chamberlain MyQ Smart Garage Door Opener MYQ-G0301

Chamberlain MyQ Smart Garage Door Opener MYQ-G0301

The Chamberlain MyQ Smart Garage Door is an innovative system to open your garage door from anywhere with your smartphone. Thanks to its Wireless system it is very easy to synchronize the devices with the doors of existing garages.

This garage door opener has all the main functions of most openers, among which are the functions of opening, closing and even receiving notifications of the status of their garage doors. All these functions are included in the MyQ application. With this application you can receive alerts when your garage door opens or closes in real time, immediately the event occurs, configuring personalized notifications. These notifications are ideal for families who are very busy and enter and leave the house at any time through the garage.

The installation of the Chamberlain MyQ Smart Garage Door is very simple, you just have to follow these steps and that’s it.

  • Check the Wi-Fi signal in the garage.
  • Install the door sensor.
  • Turn on the Wi-Fi hub.
  • Download the Chamberlain MyQ app.

It must be taken into consideration that users of iOS devices must follow the included instructions additionally.

This new system guarantees security and protection to your home. With so many devices connected, protecting your data is more important than ever. This door opener has code encryption that supports more than 2.0 Billion, in addition to optional security features such as fingerprint picker and passwords to protect against RF hacking and ensure intruders do not disturb your home or To his family.

Programming your gate has never been so easy, and now you can add a whole new level of security and convenience to your daily routine. You do not have to worry if you leave the door open, schedule a time so that it closes every day at the same time. You can also program the lights so they stay on as long as necessary or as you prefer.

Expand the security of your home, configure the MyQ lighting modules and switches so that they turn on when you go on vacation or during a work trip, and that way you can be sure that home is safe because it will look like that you are there.

MyQ has different functionalities, you can work with Nest helping busy families to generate a greater awareness of important moments in the home. You can also control your gate through voice commands using the Google assistant on devices such as Google Home to ask MyQ to check the status of your garage door and lock it. It also has the optional synchronization with Wink devices to control lights, thermostats, motion detectors, video cameras, locks, plugs and more. With Chamberlain MyQ Smart Garage Doo you will keep more than just your garage safe.

Genie PowerLift Garage Door Opener

Genie PowerLift Garage Door Opener

One of the best-known brands of garage door openers best known in the United States is Genie. This company has a track record where it highlights its commitment to its customers and innovation in its equipment. There are currently millions of Genius products throughout the United States guaranteeing high quality, performance, and service throughout the country. This is just one of the reasons why people continue to choose Genie among so many brands.

This garage door opener has a system driven by chains, being one of the quietest and being of great comfort for all its owners. PowerLift Garage Door Opener has the ability to support residential garage doors up to 500 pounds and up to 8 feet high using the extension kit. With these numbers, there is no need to worry if the engine will support the weight of the door, you can remain confident and confident that the direct drive technology designed by PowerLift to achieve a maximum successful lift.

The forged steel screw disc and the C-shaped rail design that comes incorporated into the PowerLift has the built-in mounting capability and gives an elegant and simple appearance. This system does not use straps, chains or gears that wear out, it is ideal to work constantly and continuously without needing frequent maintenance.

The installation is simple, it also includes accessories with two pre-programmed 3-button remote controls, as well as a multifunction wall console with holiday lock and light control button. Thanks to the pre-programming of the controls, it is not necessary to make another configuration, simply press the buttons and it will start working.

Genie’s SmartSet programming allows the configuration to be quite quick and easy to perform simply by pressing a button. In addition, Intellicode security technology varies the access code randomly at each door activation to prevent unauthorized access by increasing the security of your home. Genie equipment includes a Safe T Beam system that detects movement through an infrared and prevents the garage door from closing automatically avoiding accidents in case an object or person crosses the gate.

This Genie garage door opener is undoubtedly one of the best there is, offering a wide variety of options and security systems to keep your garage and your home safe.

Genie SilentMax 1200 Garage Door Opener

Genie SilentMax 1200 Garage Door Opener

Continuing with the Genie products, we have another model, the SilentMax 1200 which is one of the best options of this top 5. This model has a lighter 140 VDC engine and provides ultra-quiet operation without any problems, this way you will not have to disturb your neighbors or relatives with the annoying noises of the garage door. This motor offers a totally silent and smooth opening and closing, in addition to a slight displacement. Like Genie PowerLift, you can lift doors up to 8 feet using the extension kit, the latter sold separately, but can reach doors up to 7 feet without problems.

The SilentMax 1200 comes to a lifetime warranty for the engine and gearbox, plus it comes with several accessories; two pre-programmed remote controls with 3 buttons each, a wireless keyless keyboard and a control panel console to control the temporary locks and a button to control the light. This opener also includes the SmartSet system that allows you to configure the controls and the rest of the system in a simple and fast way with the push of a button.

Like the Genie explained above, the Silent Max 1200 also has easy-to-install systems with a single button ready to use, the Safe-T-Beam system and the Intellicode that will allow you to keep your gate and your home safe. You can stay safe and confident that your home gate will be secure, as well as protect you from hacking from outsiders who try to hack into your security system.

Unlike the Genie PowerLift, this 1200 has the ability to open the gate faster, is lighter and has extra accessories so that other people in your home can also use the garage door opener. Undoubtedly, this option is reliable, simple and safe to make proper use of a security door opener.

Chamberlain B730 Ultra-Quiet and Strong Belt Drive Garage Door

Chamberlain B730 Ultra-Quiet and Strong Belt Drive Garage Door Opener

The new Chamberlain B730 works through a steel-reinforced belt drive system and is also ultra-quiet and extra-strong with anti-vibration technology. This engine is designed with guarantee and precision offering years of reliability if you need to worry about maintenance and also has a smooth performance that will allow you to sleep without annoying noise, both you and your neighbors. The Chamberlain lifting system offers greater lifting capacity compared to other models.

The B730 was manufactured and designed to guarantee safety and protection. In addition, it has battery backup in case of power failure, has improved Triband frequency technology for better performance, encryption of security codes and Posilock protection to avoid forced entry, it also includes a control panel, wireless keyboard, and other accessories. This opener is also designed to operate on 7-foot-high gates with the option to 8 or 10-foot tall extension kit.

This gate opener uses an ultra-quiet belt unit reinforced with steel and built with high-quality materials for years of reliability and silent performance without maintenance problems. The B730 offers a lifting force of ¾ HP, one of the most powerful engines on the market. In addition, you can open and close your garage from anywhere having synchronized with your phone or tablet.

The Chamberlain B730 includes 2 remote controls with 3 buttons that allow you to control 3 different openers or modules, you can even control the interior light modules. These controls have a range of up to 1500 feet for faster entry and exit. The security system of the B730 has more than 100 billion encrypted codes protected from piracy and Posilock anti-theft protection that ensures that the door remains locked once it is closed.

Installing this garage door opener is simple like the others, there are even several online videos on how to install the B730, use the pre-programmed remote controls, the quick-closing rail system and technical support that ensure the installation is performed without problems. It is certainly another viable option if you are thinking about installing a garage door opener or if you want to replace an old one.

SOMMER WD832KEV – Sommer Direct Drive Opener

Sommer Direct Drive Opener

SOMMER also launched a garage door opener, reinforced with steel and with a ½ HP motor and Chamberlain Whisper Drive Ultra-Quiet and super strong, combining power and smoothness in the same system. This product also has an engine vibration isolation system, eliminating the vibration of the feeding head, reducing the noise it produces. This opener also has a function that allows the gate to close automatically in case you forget it. It also has MyQ technology with which you can monitor and create functions for the optimal functioning of your garage and from anywhere using simply your smartphone. The opener includes two remote controls with three buttons, wireless keyboard, and the motion detection control panel.

The incredible combination of silence and power offered by this garage door opener and the ultra-quiet and strong belt drive provide a safe and guaranteed system that will work for a long time. The transmission is reinforced with steel and the insulation system avoids noise that can disturb neighbors or family members.

This opener is synchronized with Chamberlain’s MyQ technology, which allows you to interact with the equipment from your smartphone, and not only to control your garage door but also your exterior lights and house lamps. From anywhere in the world and the application of MyQ you can control the use of your garage door are a problem, you can even receive notifications in case you open or close the door or to know if it left any light on. All these things and more will be notified through the MyQ app while you are not at home and even when you are there.

In case you forget to close the garage door, the Timer to Close function will do it automatically; you can configure it for one, five or ten minutes. With the three-button remote control, you can communicate through a frequency of three bands always finding the clearest for better performance at greater distances. In addition, it includes a wireless keyboard that allows you to establish four-digit codes that only you will know to facilitate secure access and without remote control. You can close the garage door at the push of a button. In addition, the control panel allows movements to be detected, making it easier to program the remote controls, keyboards, and MyQ lighting fixtures, even the lights can be turned on automatically when motion is detected.

The safety sensors of the Protector system with Rapid-Snap clamps project an invisible beam of light through the opening of the garage door and automatically reverse the door if something interrupts the beam while the door is being lowered. The detection technology prevents the door from closing if contact is made with a person or object, and the lights of the opener are automatically switched on when the infrared beam of the protection system breaks. In addition, the WD832KEV includes Chamberlain’s security + anti-theft technology to send a new code each time the remote control is used, and the PosiLock theft protection function ensures that the door remains locked once it is closed. In case of power failure, you can open the WD832KEV through its manual release handle.

The garage door opener also has security sensors with Rapid-Snap clamps which project an invisible beam of light through the garage door opening by automatically reversing the door in case something is obstructing it. This technology prevents the door from closing if there is an object or person in its path and thus avoid damage. The WD832KEV includes anti-theft security technology which changes the access code randomly by sending a new code each time the remote control is activated, in addition, it has the Posilock system that guarantees the lock of the door once it has been closed. In case the current fails, you can change the manual mode to open and close the garage door. It is definitely a good product that is worth installing at home.